You Have Diamond Painting Issues, We Have Solutions & Answers!

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5D Diamond Painting Kit

With all of the fun and joys that come with diamond painting, it also requires a ton of patience and can be extremely tedious.  Completing a diamond painting exactly how you want is a spectacular achievement but let’s face it, we are all human and we are not perfect or prone to errors.  We make mistakes sometimes, even when we put our best effort forward. 

Well, you are certainly not alone! Everyone from the most experienced diamond painter to someone brand new to diamond painting will have issues at some point where their painting just does not go according to plan. Before you have a full on melt down and give up take a few moments to read through these helpful solutions to common and some complex Issues that could potentially save your diamond painting…maybe even your sanity!

ISSUE: Diamonds That Refuse To Stay Attached

No matter how carefully you apply the diamonds to your canvas there are always going to be those few diamonds that want to cause a Issue.  It can be extremely frustrating to complete a diamond painting only to find that a few diamonds have fallen off just hours after you complete your project. It is important to note that it may not be because of the glue that you used.


When you complete your diamond painting you should always leave it standing up.  While it is standing you will be able to fix any gems that feel the need to escape and fall out of place.  Just grab a toothpick and press them back into their squares.

ISSUE: When Diamonds Escape…

Everyone has had that disastrous moment where all of the diamonds that you had spread out on the table are now glistening on the floor.  You may be ready to rip your hair out but don’t worry we have a solution for that!


Step 1: REMAIN CALM : ) You may be very tempted to collect each diamond one-by-one, but there is a much easier way to do this.  If you have a modern sweeper you can use static to attract the gems, as they are made of resin.  This makes them stick easily to the sheet and you can successfully get them back on your craft station in a very short amount of time.

ISSUE: The Crooked Gem

You are carefully working on your diamond painting when you realize that from a distance one of two rows appear a bit out of sorts.  Some of the diamonds that you thought were perfectly placed decided not to remain straight and in place like the others.


You can fix this and it’s simple. All you need to do is grab a pair of tweezers and gently push those gems back to a straight line.  Always take time to review your painting as you complete rows.  This will prevent you from ending up with a not so nice finished product.  It’s also a lot easier to fix gems before the glue is dry.

ISSUE: …Is Something Missing?

I’m sure all diamond painting enthusiast can agree that given the small size of the gems you are bound to lose a few in the process.  Thankfully there are plenty more gems where that came from!


We recommend ordering a few spare colors in the event that this happens you don’t have to stop what you are doing and wait for a shipment of gems to come in.  Be prepared ahead of time.  You can never be over prepared but you most definitely can be under prepared.

ISSUE: This Color Is Not My Cup of Tea…

During the creation of your diamond painting you notice that your colors are a bit off, maybe you accidentally chose a color that doesn’t match the rest or maybe you simply just do not like the way a certain color blends with the rest of the canvas. This can easily be fixed with a steady hand and some patience.


Grab those handy dandy tweezers again.  Use your tweezers to unpick gems of the wrong color without damaging the canvas as you remove them.  You need to be gentle yet a little firm to get those unwanted gems out.  If your Issue was created by accidentally using the wrong color you may want to try painting with one color at a time.

ISSUE: The Canvas Roll Up

It’s pretty common to fold a diamond painting when you are storing it away.  The Issue with doing so comes when you attempt to unfold it again and are faced with the worry that your painting will not be a beautiful as when you originally folded it up and that it may never be flat again.


There is a simple fix to this Issue and it can be found in most kitchens.  That’s right, head into the kitchen and grab your rolling pin! The rolling pin will also prevent gems from falling out of place.  Be sure to use a protective sheet prior to using the rolling pin.  If this does not work you can always go old school and try placing your diamond painting between two text books.


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